We are proud to post another testimonial:  OUR CUSTOMERS ARE GREAT PEOPLE!!

My husband , and I started looking for a Red Lab at the end of last year.  We had a yellow that passed away over a year earlier, and felt that our mourning was over, but  didn’t want another yellow to remind us of her. Rob found Anita’s website, and we intantly fell in love with the red labs. Anita was so supportive of us, even when we decided to move” back” a litter so we could make sure we all were around when we got our girl.  That litter had 3 reds. Anita sent us pictures of all 3, and my son, husband and I all chose the same pup. My son instantly fell in love with her, named her Benelli and was beside himself trying to wait for the arrival. We got constant updates and pictures, and Anita made the transportation issues so simple for us.  In fact, Anita booked her out on an early flight, connecting in Detroit, and we got a phone call from the airlines about 5 hours prior to her arrival that they were able to transfer her to an earlier flight.  We didn’t know what kind of “trauma” our girl would arrive in, but that little butt was wagging so hard when we saw her, and she came bounding out of the crate right into our arms.  She hadn’t even had an accident during the transportation. She started sleeping in her crate on day 3, and has never had a an accident. She’s WONDERFUL!!  She is not shy, and is smart as a whip. The first time we took her to the vet, she took one look at him and the metal table and climbed right up, wagging her tail.  The vet couldn’t believe it.  She is in perfect health, has a BEAUTIFUL face, hugh paws and is a lover!! We have her in a puppy training class, and people are stopping by all the time and watch her…enchanted. She catches on so fast at anything she is taught and loves showing off her talent.  She is such a part of our family and we all love her so much.THANKS ANITA FOR OUR GIRL—-PEGGY AND FAMILY—there is a picture attached,  and would like to email it to anyone inerested.  “”I THANK PEGGY AND HER FAMILY FOR SUCH A GREAT TESTIMONIAL”—SHE IS LOVELY!!!!!     2010

An update for our wonderful Red lab…. Benelli!    She will be 2 years old in about a month and half. I can’t begin to tell you how she has effected our lives.  She is so ‘athletic’,  water lover,   loves to retirever,   and LOVES the family.   And.. she is such a smart pup…We have   ’off limit areas in our home, one of which is our 2nd floor (the bedrooms). When we wake up in the morning and get ready to come downstairs,  she is laying at the bottom of the stairs staring up…wagging that tail. We have taken her out on our boat numerous times this summer…only ‘one’ mishap…when she staarted swimming after some geese and got so focused on them, she almost didn’t remember her training. We get TONS of attention whenever we take her anywhere…she is such a beautiful red color, and… well, can’t describe the face…but its one in a million.

We are happy to expect another Red from Anita in January…we have never had 2 dogs,   but can’t wait for our new addition!!  Thanks SO much Anita!!!!    Peggy      October 15, 2014



TWO RIVERS LABS  must congratulate John Cramer on his patience, persistance and pride on taking his dog Gus to the AKC trials and we are sure he with his good trainers will take this  dog to his ultimate goal. Many of our dogs have become great hunters, and all have the drive that Gus has, but John has had the foresight to take one this far!!!!

September 9, 2012 From John Cramer–Purchased a fox red male in 2009–wrote telling about Gus

“I ran Gus in an AKC Junior Hunt Test today. Gus has ran and passed enough Juniors to earn his Junior Hunt Title now. My trainer has been running him but today, I ran him for the first time. We did very well and got another pass. I wish you could here the comments the judges make when Gus runs. On the field part of the test one judge sarcastically says, “”Boy! Gus doesn’t like this game does he?”  Gus was ripping across the field! He used his nose to zero in on the bird, grabbed it up, ran back and healed nicely next to me. Later, on one of the water retrieves, I sent Gus after a bird… He hit the water so hard! One of the Judges said “Man! This dog was born for one thing!” I’m assuming she was talking about retrieving!”—I am assuming by this, that John is very pleased with Gus, if you would like a copy of Gus with his ribbon and the Hunt Title Certificate, please request it

July 2, 2012  From Terry in Virginia–who had their puppy shipped to them at the end of June, 2012

We were looking locally without much luck for a Fox Red puppy. I happened upon Two Rivers on the internet, and began working with Anita. She was very responsive to our needs and quite accommodating. Because of my schedule, we could not get out to Indiana to take a look at the puppies, and we were totally relying on Anita. We also had no experience in having a puppy shipped nearly half way across country.

Anita went above and beyond in dealing with airlines and kept us informed almost hourly. It is quite apparent that her first concern is the health and happiness of the dogs, and equally inportant is the happiness of their new owners. To make a long story short, “Rex” mad the long trip–was on time and could not have looked better.Everyone at our house is crazy about him, I would recommend Two Rivers without hesitation. Thanks again, Terry

JULY 10, 2012  From John who had his pup shipped to him at the end of June, 2012

Although we paid a deposit in December and the breeding did not take at that time, there was no question that our investment was safe…We received good and timely updated, including pictures when the litter finally arrived in May, and the wait was worth it!…Goldie is a marvellous dark honey color all over, not just on her head or back!… shis is totally Alpha, a quite fearless little thing, very smart, and very loving…Her transportation adventure was a big airline fubar, with the rules changing and flight information given incorrectly…But she stayed with it and spent all day getting the job done, including haveing to go to a lumber/hardware outfit a on a short notice to alter a perfectly good crate(to satisfy that rule change!)…You were very patient with our questions and worries, and in the end everything turned out perfectly…Goldie is in perfect health, and she will be an outstanding pet and breeder!…Thanks again, and feel free to send anyone my way who wishes to chat about your service or about Lab puppies in general (we did have a Black Lab before, but we are quite infatuated with the Fox Red!!)  Goldie seemed small when she arrived, so I checked in the internet and puppy growth charts confirm, but the “growth charts” you find online are quite mistaken!!…she would have to be 20 pounds at 8 weeks in order to grow to their “estimated” normal size for a Lab…nonsense…bloggers give their data for their own 70-80 lb dogs, and at 9 weeks of age they are right around 11 lb for their BIG Labs…Which is where Goldie is,..she arrived at 8lb and 11″, and after 10 days she is 11lb and 12″ (at the withers).. perfectly normal demensions for a pupy who will grow into  a large Lab…..  JOHN

whisper2“Wisper”,(silver labrador) went to South Dakota and this is what the owner had to say:

“Had her pointing the next day. The longest I counted was 15 seconds and I am working her all the time, a minute here and there, gets along with other dogs, and is with me 24/7 in my truck, office, feeding dogs, in my house, sleeps in my bed, and is the nicest (personality) pup I’ve seen in a decade or two. I would stand behind that labrador breeding with every thing in my being. I give it a (that breeding) 100%, don’t change a thing. I was gonna write a page or two now how wonderful she is…. But I think you got the POINT. Can’t say enough awesome, Cheers!”

– Hugh Edward Kellogg (owner operator of Kellogg Kennels)


OCTOBER 29, 2010

Hey J,  Anita gave me your email  so I could talk to you about your dog you bought from “TWO RIVERS LABS”. I ws just wondering how your dog hunted. Did he catch on right away, was he gun shy, and does like water. I guess a couple of other things that I wanted to know was , is he healthy and how tall is he from the ground to the top of his back?. Would it be possible if you could email me a couple of pictures of him so I can get an idea of what they look like when the puppies get older.   Thanks  D

NOVEMBER 5 ,2010

Hey, D

I picked my fox red up from my trainer today. the trainer and worked him on some very long retrieves and also some water retrievers. It was very cold today(snowing here), but Gus had no problem hitting the cold water very hard.I told my trainer that I might be doing some Goose hunting, He had never worked Gus for Geese, but he pulled a goose out(he keeps frozen ducks and Geese on hand for training and we had Gus retrieve the goose few times. He was puzzled by the size   of the bird at first I think, but he retrieved it every time. Gus brought it back and handed it to me. My trainer is impressed with Gus’s desire  and instinct to hunt.  I told  him  that you  were inquiring about Gus as a hunting  dog   Pretty much he says Gus is ready to hunt and I should start hunting him        JOHN

JANUARY 5, 2011

BUTCH & BOOMER—-The boys  are just terrific, intelligent, great fun and a very important part  of our family. Boomer and Butch have an incredible bond with each other which is very nice to watch. They are also completely dedicated to all of us. Both are very well behaved, but with completely different personalities. Butchie is just the sweetest guy and while he’s mild mannered, he can be very tough with a large bark if he  thinks someone or something is not right.  He’ll take charge in danger situations, plays a great game of soccer and just loves the soccer ball,  but mostly, he’d like to have his belly rubbed and tries to have you do it anytime you are nearby. Boomer is an incredible athlete, and amazing swimmer, solid muscle and very well be the fastest lab around. I’ve never seen a dog go that fast. He’s discovered tennis balls this summer and now is obsessed with them.   Their coats are spectacular, silky smooth and we continually get great comments about the color. Thanks you for the gift of Boomer and Butchie, who continue to bring joy, love and amazement every day. After we lost our Gus, I did not think there were other special dogs out there. I was wrong, have delivered to us some wonderful, smart, caring friendly dogs, Thanks for spreading the love to Connecticut!!!      JANE, MATT, GRACE, HANNA, BOOMER, BUTCHIE

JANUARY 18,2011

- –BOWIE—   I thought I would let you know how Bowie is doing,  I  don’t know where to begin  to tell how much joy Bowie has brought to this house, much less to me. He is by far the smartest, most friendly, loving, faithful, playful dog I have ever had, and I have had many. I swear he was meant to be here. He sure has made  himself at home, and he so sooo happy. He weighs 125 pounds, but he is not heavy, he runs-in the yard for his exercise several time a week, and he loves the snow. He is by my side every waking moment. He just has his 2nd birthday,  and of course he had a party with all the trimmings. You sure did a great job picking him out for me, will close for now, stay well and take care, Linda —UPDATE–By December of 2011 Bowie weighed a  whopping 145lbs, just before he turned 3 years old and he is pure joy and is soooo smart.

DECEMBER 4, 2011

Hi Anita, I know it’s been awhile since you have heard from me, it’s not that I haven’t thought about you and how you are doing, it’s just time gets away from me. I sure hope you and your family are well, we talk about you often, especially when we are having another great day with Bowie, actually everyday is a great day with him. You are going to think I’m crazy, but as I said before, he was born to be with me!!. Well lets see, he is 145 lbs. of pure joy, sooooo smart, I often say he missed his calling, he should have been a service dog, show him something twice and you don’t have to show him again. And if it’s possible he is closer to me than ever, where did he come from, not a mean bone in his body, loves everyone, and he is spoiled beyond words. I just can’t imagine life without him, we are a pair. Just think he’s going to be 3 years  old soon. I can’t say enough about him. I am thinking of taking him to work with me a few days a month to spend time with the patients, they are all seniors at a rehab and assisted living, he would be perfect to raise there spirits.  Thank you again, Linda



IMG_0877--ROCKY (Small)

July 2009We looked at many puppies and could tell on the phone that this breeder and these puppies were going to be great. We drove 7 hours(one way) to get our beautiful, healthy “”FOX RED”" lab. The breeder, Anita, was amazing. She was so knowledgeable, especially of labrador retrievers,  and we learned a lot while there (and she was great with educating our 10 year old son). She’s great with the dogs andwe feel like we left with a new friend. She even called and emailed afterwards to make sure  ”ROCKY”  and his new family were doing well. She was also very professional–gave us all the written info we needed for the vet and educated us about his health–we would always go back to “TWO RIVERS LABS” andhighly recommend this labrador retriever breeder!! UPDATEApril 2010.Well we did it again. Rambo was born in January and has joined Rocky at our home in Chicago, Illinois. They are brothers from different litters. We picked Rambo up when he was 10 weeks old and Anita had already started training him. He is an amazing dog–very eager to please and extremely smart. The dogs bonded immediately, playing in the yard and looking out for one another. We had never had two dogs before and don’t regret it for one minute. They are so much fun together–we laugh all the time at how great they are together!!  Thanks so much Anita!!!

– Kevin, Kathy, Kids and Rocky–Chicago, IL.

February, 2009

“My wife found TWO RIVERS LABRADORS on the web and have been nothing but pleased with their service and the pup. The puppy was flown from Indiana to New Mexico, a 10 hour flight and Anita took care of everything, flight arrangements, pet carrier, shot records, AKC paperwork,  just to name a few things. The pup is now 7 months old and he is beautiful. Wasn’t sure I would like the “FOX RED” color, but he is gorgeous. You can tell from the emails and the phone calls over the past 7 months, that the labrador pups they breed and sell mean a lot to them. They are truely devoted with the breeding and providing their customers with dogs that will have quality genetics coupled with healthy, happy and smart personalities. They are also very interested in hearing about how the pups and dogs are doing as they age.”


100_2096 (Small)

At the end of  September, 2009 we sent two FOX RED LABRADORS  to Germany, a male and a female. The new owner is Iris Roemmelt, and this is what she has to say about her purchase of the pups. “Everything is fine with “”Honey”" and “”Jimmy”". They are very dear. They are more spirited than my labradors. At night they sleep in the crate, but during the day, the lie with pleasure on the sofa. They are great dogs and you are a good labrador breeder.




JULY, 2009

This email is from Karen and Jim from Ohio, they purchased two red girls!!

We have more snow now and the girls love it. Had them out in the woods yesterday, jumping thru the drifts.

They are redder every day!!! They are gorgeous! Everyone ask about them because of their unusual color. People love to see them hanging their heads together out the truck window. They love to go thru the drive-thru where we get milk. The folks there always give them a treat.

They are over 50#’s. They want to love everyone. Still working hard to get them not to jump up on folks, but they are so people friendly. Katy is the whiner, she wants the window down when we go thru town so she can see the people. She whines and cries on the way out to the woods on the gator. Ginger is the barker. She is the watchdog, and barks to get back in the house, where Katy will just lay by the door. It is really neat to see their personalities developing. Katy seems to be the bird dog, and Ginger seems to be the waterfowl dog. We have kick up a pair of bald eagles out of the woods most days, and one time the girls tried to chase them. They are starting to be good mousers, getting mice out of the woodpiles. They love to sleep with us. Time for a larger bed!!

Thanks so much for my red “”Babies”". We love them so much!!!

Karen, Jim–Ohio


mandyThis is what Kelloggs Miss Mandevilla’s owners had to say:

“I thought you might like to see a picture of Mandy, one of your  labrador puppies. She is really a nice dog, and is pretty trainable, although like all pups, she likes to push the limits. Elaine really loves her and spends all of her spare time with her. Once again, she is a great dog and we couldn’t be happier with her.”

– Elaine and Ed Wilson

two-labsThese two labs went to the same family, one in Mt. Vernon, Il., and the other one in Chicago Il.

“It’s been a while andI just wanted to send you a picture of our two labrador pups,  Remington and Bronx. They are about 1 1/2 years old now. I thought you would like to see how beautiful they are. We love them.  Bronxs is the darker labrador. who lives in Chicago with my cousin and Remington is the lighter labrador  and lives with me in Mt. Vernon, Il. Bronx weighs about 80 pounds and Remington is about 95 pounds. They both are smart and wonderful.”

– Thanks so much, Gina Spiropoulous

“Lance weighs about 68 pounds, excellent temperment and minds well and is a house dog. He sleeps in a King Size bed with my son and daughter-in-law.”

– Sincerely, Armstrongs


“…I wanted to name him “Bullet”, (silver labrador), but I got outvoted! Both pups are getting tall & lanky. They are both going to be
beautiful dogs, especially in the face & around the eyes. They really get compliments when people first see them. They should make some really good looking dogs in another year or so. Have a good summer & stay in touch.”

– Larry D. Barak